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Mistress Electra in black latex with her submissve underneath her.

For those in Los Angeles who wish to serve, I offer a variety of

in-person opportunities to submit.


My specialities as a Dominatrix are Sissification/Feminization, Ritualistic/Spiritual Femdom, and Tease and Denial.

I also enjoy a wide variety of play outside of these areas.

My style as a Pro-Domme is nurturing and creative, yet strict and playfully cruel. True to my artistic background, I create bespoke experiences that are unique to each submissive's desires, and strictly practice SSC/RACK.


 I session out of LA's most discreet, luxurious, and  secure private dungeon. A state of the art facility located in West LA, the dungeon is convenient, safe, and well equipped, with private parking that is steps away from the entrance. I also offer social engagements like dinner, morning tea, shopping, & more for those who wish to play outside of the dungeon.

 I am incredibly selective with who I allow into my world to serve me. Prior to any in-person meetings, I require that you have completed my entire screening process, and that we have had a 30 minute introductory phone or video call to get better acquainted and ensure we are a good match to explore your submission together.

To begin your journey into my world of true submission, please read the following information, then thoughtfully fill out

my session request form

If you are interested in sessioning virtually please visit my

 Virtual Play page.

Tribute Rates:



$450/hr, 1.5 hr minimum

2 hours: $900

3 hours: $1,300

4 hours: $1,700

Longer engagements can be discussed upon request. 

Social Engagements:

$300/hr, 1 hr minimum

Dinner: Paid+$600

Girl's Night Out: $1,600

Feminization & an evening out with Mistress Electra. 

Intro Phone Call: $150 

Intro Video Call: $250 

Mistress Electra's sub worshipping her red Louboutin stiletto high heels.
Mistress Electra in strappy black lingerie, stockings, and black patent leather Louboutin stilettos.

Domination Style & Specialties


As a Dominatrix, my style focuses on the art of tease and true psychological domination. My objective is to get inside of your head and understand you on levels you thought no one would ever be able to. You will find that I do so effortlessly.



Sissification/Feminization: With nearly a decade of experience, I specialize in all forms of gender transformation including sissification, cross-dressing, full feminization, makeovers, & more. I enjoy gender play above all else and have been nicknamed "The Sissy Whisperer" in light of my extensive experience & passion for feminization.


Ritualistic/Spiritual Femdom: The spiritual nature of D/s is a paramount part of my practice as a Dominatrix. I believe submission is the ultimate act of surrender and provide this space for my submissives in my Femdom rituals. Each ritual is a shamanic experience that provides catharsis and reveals each submissive's true self through acts of Goddess worship to reach spiritual transcendence.


Tease and Denial: A Maestra in the art of the tease, I tantalize your every sense and desire as I dangle your deepest desires in front of you

and take you to deeper levels of submission through denying you over and over again. You will find surrender is guaranteed as I teach you what it means to truly submit.



Chastity Training
Corsets & Tightlacing 

Corporal Punishment

Financial Domination
Foot Fetish/Worship
Gentle Femdom
Goddess Worship

Hair Worship
High Heel Worship 

Impact Play
Latex Fetish/Worship
Leather Fetish/Worship

Pantyhose Worship
PVC Fetish/Worship

Obedience Training
Religious Play
Role Play
Shoe and Boot Worship
sub/slave Training
Tease & D

Mistress Electra in red latex.

Hard Limits:


Any form of touch/contact on my body above my ankles
Any nudity, sex, submission or switching from me
Anything ending in "job”
Anything involvin
g blood, vomit, scat, or other bodily materials
Ashtray fetish

Heavy Corporal Play

Heavy Bondage

Heavy Breathplay

Heavy Medical Play (sounds, needles, etc.)

Knife Play




I require a 50% deposit for all sessions. Your deposit will be collected at the time of booking. You will receive instructions upon booking your session on how and where you may make your deposit.


Cancellations & Rescheduling:


Cancellations made 72 hours prior to your session time are eligible to be rescheduled with your deposit transferring to your new session. Your new session must be within one month of your originally booked session. If you wish to cancel without rescheduling, please let me know as soon as possible, however, you will forfeit your entire deposit. 


Cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance forfeit your entire deposit regardless of rescheduling.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance require payment of the full balance for our time together.


Mistress Electra in black latex holding a whip.
Desired Session Type
Preferred Session Duration
How did you find me?

Thank you for submitting.

Mistress Electra's sub worshipping her black latex high heel boots.
Mistress Electra in black latex and ballet heels.
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