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Mistress Electra standing on a table in a red latex bodysuit and thigh high boots.

My name is Mistress Electra. I am a Los Angeles-based Professional Dominatrix with a penchant for the psychosexual, mystical, and shamanic elements of D/s and BDSM. My journey as a Dominatrix began while I was an undergraduate student as I pursued a dual education in psychiatry and filmmaking. As I furthered my education, my interest, and belief in the power of the Divine Feminine, empowered female sexuality, and human sexuality in its entirety blossomed and took a prominent position in my life. Upon graduating, I began studying the art and craft of professional Female Domination and debuted as a Pro-Domme three years later. 

As a Dominatrix, I am strongly invested in the healing and spiritual nature of D/s. I view myself as a guide, leader, and facilitator of deep self-exploration and authentic self-expression for my submissives. My role is to create a space of complete safety, full acceptance, and total freedom where each submissive is able to truly surrender and submit. As a Domme, I am interested in cultivating a select number of deep, emotionally intimate relationships full of growth and development with my submissives.


As a devoted disciple of Jungian Psychology and the processes of individuation and shadow work, I view my work as healing and shamanic in nature, providing the ultimate catharsis for each of my submissives as they are able to not only express who they are authentically in front of me, but are able to finally come out of the dark and integrate the deepest most hidden parts of themselves into their lives. As a practitioner of Alchemy and a deeply spiritual person, I am a strong believer in the shamanic elements of D/s and place preeminent importance on the journey of growth and self-discovery that engaging in power exchange provides.

My style as a Domme is creative, mystical, nurturing, and feminine, while simultaneously stringent, strict, and playfully cruel. I am the Divine Feminine manifested in the flesh, and my power is all-encompassing, taking you to places you never thought possible as I bring you into my world, fully under my rules and control. You will find that you fall into your proper place naturally, submitting to my divine power without a second thought as we explore your fantasies and I teach you what it means to truly submit. I demand complete devotion, obedience, and worship. You exist solely to provide that and to please me.


To begin your journey into my world, please make a thoughtful and engaging introduction using my session request form.

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